Self Love

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have. So how about we make it even better this year? More kindness, less judgment. More fun, less perfectionism. More love-filled, happy relationships, less drama and difficult people. More of your dreams coming true, less settling. More happiness today, less waiting for the day […]


There are trumpets for play, socializing and alarm. “The one you are most likely to hear is the social trumpet, given in the context of greetings or when groups come together,” she said.The elephants will be in their crates when they leave the Toronto Zoo on trucks, during the flight and during the truck trip […]


This is a major turnaround from last year when egg prices skyrocketed following the bird flu outbreak in the Midwest. Manufacturers say now is the time to buy. Not only is the egg shortage over, as strange as it sounds, there almost too many. You could figure out the length of the tree stems by […]

This page

This page has a few links to tutorials for building swords and other props, but honestly, the best way to figure out how to build something is to just get your hands dirty and do it.Once your prop is built, it’s time to paint! Never underestimate the important of a good paint job. It can […]