Melissa Rowe

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My Unique coaching style

In my work with you, together we create a safe inspiring space as we open the doors to your life as possibility and distinction. Coaching is a process involving energy commitment and action. It is in this process that you learn to tap into your authentic self, open to possibilities, letting go of fear, create abundance and form new relationships in fulfilling your dreams.

As a coach with many years in a variety of professions I bring to the coaching partnership a unique mix of skills, talents and expertise. My unique style is based on results of my own experiences and my ability to create a welcoming, respectful and inclusive space for women from all walks of life. My passion and commitment to clients allows me to support them in achieving their goals and objectives and the opportunity to arrive at their own solutions. I’ve found that I am in a constant state of authenticity from one moment to the next.

My greatest passion is in supporting women in their process of empowerment. As a certified life and anger solutions coach with more than twenty years’ experience, I have successfully merged previous career as social worker with my passion for education together with my extensive experience in diversity and equity with specialization in cross-cultural coaching.

I bring a unique perspective as writer, facilitator, researcher, teacher and an appreciation for each person’s unique experience, on a quest to guide women in sharing their brilliance through the power of writing.

One of the most important elements in my life is my spirituality. This gets me up in the morning, makes my days and puts me to sleep at night. The second thing I most value are my relationship with family and friends. And third I love what I do! Coaching people to the point of recognizing their brilliance and unique gift to this world is awesome. I am a person some might call a silent warrior living in possibility rather than assumptions. What I know for sure is that I am living my purpose, standing in my truth and feeling more and more empowered every day.

As I share my story with authenticity many are touched, moved and inspired to take a second look to see how they too can, with determination and resilience, chart their own path for personal or professional development and the nurturing of their own well-being.

One of the most important reasons I take such delight in what I do is the process that unfolds. The experience is as unique for each person as is the uniqueness of each person. I attract people who want what I do best as I act as accountability partner as you get in touch with who you really are, and as you live your life fully in accordance with your true life purpose.

My greatest talent lies in asking powerful questions that allows you to identify your unique gift to the world. My questions support you in identifying what you stand for, and what your true authentic gifts are. I have a huge body of knowledge at my disposal about any number of topics such as building trusting relationships, creative writing.

My style includes combined knowledge, experience, compassion, empathy, and personal sharing in drawing out what is important with large quantities of self-respect and love.

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